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Malavara Launches First Haircare Product For UK Market

UK beauty brand Malavara has released its first haircare product, the Ultra Luxuriant Hair Elixir. Developed in partnership with organic chemists, the product is a pre-shampoo formula designed to help reduce hair damage and breakage. According to the company, the product includes alma, brahmi, and other natural ingredients that help enhance microcirculation. With a recommended retail price of 29 pounds, the product is available online at [Image Credit: © Tabeajaichhalt from]

"New beauty brand Malavara reveals debut hair product for UK market", Cosmetics Business, July 09, 2018

Sniph Partners With Retailer Harvey Nichols To Launch In-Store Service

Sniph, a perfume subscription box service company, has launched its service in high-end retailer Harvey Nichols stores in London. Part of the company’s efforts to expand its operations in the UK, the move will let customers of the retailer try the service by purchasing a fragrance box for £14 or signing up for a Sniph subscription. According to the company, the in-store service will be available by October 3, 2018. [Image Credit: © auntmasako @]

"Perfume subscription box service Sniph launches in Harvey Nichols", Cosmetics Technology, July 06, 2018

High-Tech Gadgets Offer Cutting-Edge Facial And Skincare Solutions

Several high-tech skincare gadgets, equipped with light-emitting diodes, are presented. To be launched in August 2018, the DRx SpetraLite Faceware Pro is conceived of by New York City-based dermatologist Dennis Gross. FDA-approved, the mask is equipped with antiacne blue light and four spectra of red light. Another NYC dermatologist Ellen Marmur came up with the Metamorphosis MMSphere, which comes with blue and red LEDs. Meanwhile, some high-tech facial devices include the FaceGym from the UK. It performs intense massage aimed at the “muscular infrastructure of the face.” [Image Credit: © Stefan Schweihofer from]

"The High Tech Gadgets You'll Actually Want to Put Near Your Face ",, July 04, 2018

L’Oreal’s New Tool Measures Digital Media’s Marketing Effectiveness In Real Time

L’Oreal partnered with cloud services provider Domo to create the cockpit, a tool designed to measure the return on investment and productivity of its digital media assets. Also, the beauty brand said the tool is developed to allow it to see which digital media investments are working in real time and help the company decide on where to spend. Cockpit monitors more than 20,000 data sources in real time by using metrics, including share of voice, and performance measures, such as fraud, viewability, and CPM. [Image Credit: © Bruno Glatsch from]

"How L’Oréal drives marketing effectiveness and media neutrality", Marketing Week , July 03, 2018

Fenty Beauty Launches Pop-Up Series

Fenty Beauty by Rihanna opened its pop-up series, starting with a Moroccan spice markets-inspired theme to match the brand’s fall 2018 collection. The debut was held at The Pennsy in Pennsylvania Plaza, where two tents were set up to allow guests try Fenty products with the help of the brand’s global makeup artists. The collection officially launched globally July 6 and the pop-up series continued with a Brooklyn setup June 28, while the final one took place at the Seaport district the following day.[Image Credit: © PhotoMIX-Company @]

"Fenty Beauty Hosts First Pop-up Series, Inspired by Moroccan Spice Markets ", Women’s Wear Daily, June 27, 2018

Glossier Sees Direct Customer Relationship As Best Way To Grow Business

US beauty brand Glossier is using digital technology to establish and maintain a direct relationship with its customers. Henry Davis, president and chief operating officer of the company, said his company strongly believes in the value of owning the relationship with the customer. After launching its online business in 2014, Glossier has gained a niche status in the global beauty market by selling its collection of 26 skincare and beauty products. It also operates a content division and physical stores across the country. [Image Credit: © PhotoMIX-Company @]

"Why direct-to-consumer beauty brand Glossier is ripping up the marketing playbook ", Marketing Week , June 25, 2018

Morphe Says To Open Retail Location At Mall Of America

Beauty brand Morphe, based in Los Angeles, said it plans to open a retail store at the Mall of America in fall 2018. Established by brother and sister Linda and Chris Tawil, the company makes and sells budget-friendly, professional-quality beauty products and tools. For example, its Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette includes 35 unique colors for only $38. Its founders started the company by selling directly to consumers through it online store It has achieved a cult-like status on social media, with 6.4 million followers on Instagram. [Image Credit: © stefan089 from]

"Beauty Brand Morphe to Open Retail Store in Mall of America ", Mpls St. Paul, June 22, 2018

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